Learn to Use Your Library

Learn to Use Your Library

Your Library Collection is digital and in four buildings

Sir Duncan Rice Library

Medical Library

Taylor Library

Qatar Library

Learn below all you need to start using Your Library

Learn The Essentials

Your library is free

As students of the University of Aberdeen, Your Library collections are free.

Once you have completed registration at university you are member of the library and there is no need to pay anything else.

To access the amazing digital collections in Your Library all you need is your IT username and password.

Your student card is your library card

After registering at the University of Aberdeen you will get your Student ID Card - that is also Your Library Card.

You will need your Student ID Card to borrow books from Your Library using our self-service machines, or at one of our issue desks. To use our self-service machines you need to set-up a PIN - speak to library staff and they can sort that out in seconds.

You will also need your Student ID Card to go above the ground floor of the Sir Duncan Rice Library, or enter Taylor Library. No ID Card is needed to enter the Medical Library.

Contact library@abdn.ac.uk to get Help

The simplest way to ask for help with any aspect of using Your Library is to email library@abdn.ac.uk with your question.

The knowledgeable library staff will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

We like questions. There are no silly questions. Ask us and we will let you know the answer.

Speak to library staff to get help

You can speak with Library staff to ask questions and get help any time the buildings are open.

In the Sir Duncan Rice Library visit Floor 1. You will also find the IT Service Desk on Floor 1.

In the Medical and Taylor Libraries visit the issue desks located near their entrances.

Opening Hours

The Opening Hours in Your Library vary by building, day of the week and time of year.

See the Opening Hours webpage for full details.

How to search your library

You can search Your Library collection using our online search tool called Primo.

It tells you about the books on our shelves and the millions of digital resources available to you.

Learn more about Primo and how to use it in the Library Guides.

Learn More About Your Library

How to borrow books in your library

To find out more and start exploring your library, please see  Borrowing from our Libraries  

Online help from your library


Bookable Appointments

Library staff offer 30-minute appointments to all students.
These are aimed at answering specific questions, and are ideal for students who want to know more about:  

  • Using Primo to search library resources
  • Locating print and digital materials
  • Subject-related research 
  • Referencing & RefWorks  
  • Reading Lists 
  • Inclusive Collections
  • and much more.

Sessions are running on the following days and times (term time only):  

  • Tuesday 13.00-14.00 
  • Wednesday 14.00-15.00  
  • Thursday 11.00-12.00 

Please visit our Bookings page  and select a time to suit you. Alternatively, contact us via library@abdn.ac.uk to suggest an alternative appointment. 

Having problems? Please check out the Online Support Booking Guide. If you are still having trouble, please contact us and we will be happy to help.  


Online Support Booking Guide

To book an appointment with the Subject Team, please use the Online Support bookings page


You will see the options for available appointment times. Please select which is the most convenient for you.


You'll be prompted to fill out your details and make any notes of special requests. When you are ready, click on the Book icon at the bottom of the screen.




You will receive the following confirmation message.




The system will also email you with confirmation of the meeting. Within this will be a link to join your appointment in Teams.  




If you wish to reschedule your booking, please use the Reschedule link within this email. You can also cancel your booking in the same place. 



Once you have joined your appointment, the MS Teams window will open. Once this happens, you can adjust your camera and microphone to suit and then click Join Now.




You will then be connected to a Library staff member, who will be able to provide information and advice for your query.


The different spaces in your libraries

All of your libraries have a range of study spaces available, whether you need a quiet room or an area to discuss a project within a group. For more information, please see Rooms and Spaces.  

Accessible spaces and services

Library resources, services & spaces are designed accessibly.

Disabled students who choose to disclose their disability to an adviser from the Student Advice and Support Office are entitled to priority access to various facilities and services in the Library if appropriate.

See the detailed library guide on our website to learn more.

Any questions email librarydisability@abdn.ac.uk.

Noise and behaviour in your libraries

Your libraries are here for you to research, read, study, and think, individually and in collaboration with others. The libraries are arranged so that we can accommodate those that prefer studying in silence, or in a quiet environment, or where people wish to work in groups.

Following feedback from students we have arranged the Sir Duncan Rice Library so that each floor supports one of these types of study: silent, quiet, or group. 

We are still working on signage for each floor that will appear soon but you can learn about the different floors below.

The Taylor Library and Medical Library also have areas where different types of studying are requested.

Please be respectful of others using the library and pay attention to the type of floor or area you are studying in.


Sir Duncan Rice Library Floors 1, 2 & 3 are Group Study Floors

image explaining rules on a group study floor


Sir Duncan Rice Library Floors 4, 6 & 7 are Quiet Study Floors

image explaining rules on a quiet study floor


Sir Duncan Rice Library Floor 5 is a Silent Study Floor

image explaining rules on a silent study floor

Food in your library

The Library Service has a food and drink policy that gives some freedom to snack as you study, while still ensuring that the library remains a space for quiet study.

  • Cold food can be consumed at study tables in designated areas of the libraries
  • No smelly or noisy food
  • No food in silent study areas, project rooms or rooms and areas with equipment
  • Hot and cold drinks in covered containers are allowed in most areas within the libraries
  • Hot food is only permitted in the café area on the ground floor of the Sir Duncan Rice library
  • Food deliveries are not permitted in the library

Full details of our food and drink policy can be found here.