Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Food and Drink Policy

The Library Service at University has a food and drink policy that gives some freedom to snack as you study, while still ensuring that the library remains a space for quiet study.

Please note that no food or drink is permitted in the Special Collections Centre or Gallery.

We kindly ask that you abide by the following guidelines, for the benefit of everyone using our libraries:

  • Cold food can be consumed at study tables in designated areas of the libraries
  • No smelly or noisy food
  • No food in silent study areas, project rooms or rooms and areas with equipment*
  • Hot and cold drinks in covered containers are allowed in most areas within the libraries
  • Hot food is only permitted in the café area on the ground floor of the Sir Duncan Rice library
  • Food deliveries are not permitted in the library

We appreciate your feedback on this, as it helps us ensure that the libraries are welcoming spaces suitable for study.

* PC classrooms, co-labs, group working spaces, flexible learning area, microform area, music resources room, viewing room