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Important Information - We will be moving to a new version of Primo in January 2020. Visit this webpage to learn more about the changes to come.

E-shelves in Primo or the Library Catalogue will not be automatically migrated to the new Primo. You will need to export the contents yourself before Christmas. See our Primo and Library Catalogue guides for details on how to do this


Select from the options below to search or browse our collections in different ways.

Primo is the best general search to all of our materials. It is also possible to focus your search on particular areas of our holdings by choosing one of the options below.

You can access the older library catalogue at the bottom of this page.

Library Catalogue

It is still possible to search our older Library Catalogue interface.

All the library materials catalogued here also appear in Primo. We recommend using Primo as it has improved ability to search across our online resources.