Shut up and Write!

Shut up and Write!

Struggling to find the motivation to get your writing done? Join the Open Research Team at one of our Shut Up & Write! sessions to help you beat procrastination. Monthly Thursday afternoon sessions are held but we are also trialling different days and times. Visit the course booking system to find a time that suits you. We will provide the room, tea, coffee and moral support.

We will use the Pomodoro Technique (25 minutes silent writing with 5-minute breaks) to make sessions as productive as possible.

What is Shut up and Write?

Shut Up and Write! sessions are not about creating the final version of your work. They are for generative writing. This means, you will leave all material, except your notes for the intended piece, and your fears behind and TRUST that you know enough about your topic. Stop trying to find the perfect reference, sentence, word  - just shut up and write! Get the words out on the page. You can edit and polish them later. 

How to prepare for Shut up and Write?

  1. Decide what you want to work on during the session.
  2. Make some notes and a plan beforehand. This will help guide you through your generative writing. 
  3. Have your references and data analysis results ready. But don't get lost in details - you can go back and insert or correct these later, when you are editing your draft.
  4. Write, write, write! 

Interested? Sign up on the course booking system.