Open Research

Open Research

The University of Aberdeen is committed to open research, ensuring there are no barriers to sharing knowledge.

New Research Publications Policy with Rights Retention element!

Open Research involves not only making your research outputs open access but also the underlying research data, methodology and any software or code that you have produced in the process of carrying out your research. Our Open Research team is there to support and help you.

Open Research

New! Research Publications Policy with Rights Retention

On 1st May 2023 University of Aberdeen implemented a new Research Publications Policy with a Rights Retention element. Supporting our researchers in retaining their rights when academic publishing. See our webpage for more information. 

Open research at Aberdeen

Research content downloaded through the University of Aberdeen repository.

1,899,666: Total research output downloads (since 2012)
30,716 downloads of articles during August
17,451 research outputs available in AURA