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Welcome (back) to UoA from your Open Research team

Welcome (back) for a new term at University of Aberdeen! Whether you’re a new or returning staff member or student, the Open Research team at the library want to welcome you. We hope you have had a restful break and are ready to tackle the term with enthusiasm (or if enthusiasm is asking too much, at least interest).

If you haven’t spoken to us before, we’re the Open Research team, and we’re here to help researchers at all levels, from first year PGRs to Heads of schools, share their work as widely as possible. Whether you have questions about open access publishing, how best to share data, or need help with Pure, we’re here to help you find the right solution for your research.

By making your research open, you can increase your impact, find collaborators more easily, and simply further the pursuit of human knowledge. As the official University Open Research statement says, "The greatest benefits of knowledge come when it is shared as widely as possible." We look forward to helping you share your knowledge as widely as possible.

We’re especially excited to invite you to a new year of our ExplORe training sessions. These sessions cover a wide range of topics related to scholarly publishing and open access, everything from how to select a journal to publish in, to using Open Data to improve your research’s reproducibility and reliability. Find out topics for future sessions and book a place here https://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/support/training-and-resources.php#panel1633

You will also be able to view all our past sessions there.

If you’re still working on writing up your research, why not stop by one of our ‘Shut Up and Write!’ sessions, where we use the Pomodoro method to improve writing productivity (also we’ll have tea/coffee and biscuits) https://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/support/shut-up-and-write-1438.php

We hope to see you at some of these sessions, and hope you’ll contact us with any questions or issues you have about publishing. If you are new to Aberdeen, welcome! Be sure to take breaks from your work to get out into the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside, we recommend renting a bike at Duthie Park and going down the Deeside Way, and above all DON’T FEED THE SEAGULLS!

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Varina Jones-Reid

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