Anti-SLAPP Research Hub

Anti-SLAPP Research Hub

The Anti-SLAPP Research Hub provides a forum for legal academics to research strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP). The Hub brings together expertise across a range of legal disciplines, including human rights law, freedom of information, privacy and data protection, private international law, EU law, dispute resolution, and substantive defamation law. The Hub also provides a platform for knowledge exchange with lawyers, journalists and public policy experts.

The Anti-SLAPP Research Hub was established in 2022 to strengthen the University of Aberdeen’s long-term commitment to furthering freedom of expression and the rule of law. The School of Law has been at the forefront of efforts to combat SLAPPs in Europe since 2017. Following the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese investigative journalist who had been subject to numerous international SLAPPs, scholars in Aberdeen embarked on multiple research projects to support freedom of expression in Europe. They provided advice to the Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe (CASE), the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as co-authoring a Model Law which provided the basis for discussions concerning the EU’s draft Anti-SLAPP Directive. Training to lawyers across Europe on Anti-SLAPPs law has also been provided by the Hub through the PATFOX program. The Anti-SLAPP Hub also provides research to support advocacy for legislative reform in Scotland, as summarised in a submission to the Scottish Parliament. The Anti- Hub also provided expert evidence at the UN’s expert seminar on legal and economic threats to the safety of journalists.

Members of the Anti-SLAPP Research Hub work closely with the Centre for Private International Law and the Aberdeen Centre for Constitutional and Public International Law.


Professor Justin Borg-Barthet  


European Union Law and Private International Law

Dr Erin Ferguson  

Deputy Convener

Freedom of Information

Dr Eliza Bechtold   

Public Engagement Officer

Freedom of Expression

Dr Francesca Farrington  

Public Engagement Officer

Commercial Law and Law and Economics

Dr Michiel Poesen  

Publications Officer

European Union Law and Private International Law

Magdalena Zabrocka (PhD Candidate)  

Events Officer

European Union Law and Public International Law

Professor Greg Gordon  

Energy Law and Private Law


Dr Gloria Alvarez       

International Dispute Resolution, Energy and Investment Law

Dr Rossana Ducato  

Privacy, IT and Intellectual Property Law

Dr Claudio Lombardi 

Competition Law, Law and Economics, and Comparative Law

Nik Williams

Affiliated Member

Policy and Campaigns Officer at Index on Censorship

Susan Coughtrie

Affiliated Member

Director of The Foreign Policy Centre

Co-Chair of The UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition

Graeme Johnston

Affiliated Member

Former Dispute Resolution Partner

CEO of Juralio Ltd.

Dr Linda Ravo

Affiliated Member

Senior Advocacy Consultant at Liberties

Nula Frei

Affiliate Member

Senior Researcher, University of Fribourg

Hub Activity


The Hub is involved in training lawyers across Europe on Anti-SLAPP law.


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In the Media

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Workshop: Reform of EU Law on Defamation, University of Aberdeen 2019

Guest Lecture at Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdansk: Magdalena Zabrocka on SLAPPs, the Rule of Law, and Fundamental Rights - a Litigation Strategy or an Abuse of the Legal System? 

UN Human Rights Council, Expert Seminar on Legal and Economic Threats to the Safety of Journalists (April 2023): Francesca Farrington (Panellist) and Magdalena Zabrocka (Representative)

Webinar on Whistleblowers’ Protection in Europe, Academy of European Law: Francesca Farrington on “The EU Anti-SLAPP Proposal: The Way to Protect Public Watchdogs” (27 April 2023)

Invited Lecture: University of Aberdeen Lawyers without Borders annual Human Rights Conference: Erin Ferguson on ‘In the Public Interest: Legal Responses to SLAPPs’ (25 April 2023).

Workshop: Developing a Model Anti-SLAPP Law for Scotland (02 June 2023)