Classroom Code of Conduct and Etiquette

Classroom Code of Conduct and Etiquette

Classroom Etiquette

Code of Conduct

In brief

When a computer classroom is not booked, the computers in the room are available for ad hoc use by registered users of University of Aberdeen computing facilities.

For Students

  1. Before entering a computer classroom you should check whether a Do not enter notice has been posted on the door(s) to the room. If there is such a notice and it is within the time period stated on the notice, do not enter the room.
  2. If there is no such notice or if the notice has expired, you may enter the room to use a computer or printer but, before entering, you should check the online displays to see whether or not the room is booked or a booking is imminent.
  3. If this is near the start of a booked class, be prepared to be asked to wait until all the class members have found a computer before taking your place at a computer.
  4. At all times, you must take care not to disturb the other users of the classroom. In particular, you must switch off your mobile phone and, if you are sharing the room with a booked class, you should work quietly, avoiding conversation.
  5. If you are working in a classroom prior to the start of a booking, you may have to make way for the booked class. If asked to leave the room, you should do so promptly and politely.

For All Classroom Users

  • All use of the classroom facilities is subject to the University’s Conditions for using IT facilities
  • Please ensure that you have read and understood these conditions.
  • Eating and drinking in classrooms is forbidden.
  • Equipment should not be unplugged. In particular, unplugging a network connection to plug your personal PC into the network is strictly forbidden.