The University operates a monitoring system throughout the academic year to identify students who may be experiencing difficulties with their studies and to ensure that students remain on track for their degree and satisfy the minimum attendance requirements.

If a course coordinator is concerned about your academic performance or attendance they will insert a C6 (see below) onto your student record and you will be contacted by e-mail about this. All monitoring e-mails are sent from Monitoring and must NOT be ignored. 

In order to attempt to resolve this you MUST follow the relevant School procedure.  You must do this by 12 noon on the action date given at the bottom of the monitoring email.

Please note that failure to act by the action date may result in you losing the right to attend and take exams or assessments for the course.  This will appear as C7 on your student record and you will be notified of this by e-mail.

  • If you have a C6 on your Student Hub and have received a C6 email, it is because there are concerns about your progress with, or attendance at, one or more of your courses;
  • If you have a C7 on your Student Hub and have received a C7 email, you have lost the right to attend one or more of your courses and will be at risk of failing to satisfy the requirements of your degree programme.

Removing a C6 or C7 from your student record

If you have any questions about the monitoring process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.