Dr Verity Watson

Dr Verity Watson

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Dr Verity Watson
Dr Verity Watson

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Verity leads the Methods of Benefit Valuation research theme. Verity's research focuses on the provision of public and publicly-provided private goods. In particular, the organisation and supply of health care, and patient's choices and shared decision making. Verity's research spans behavioural and experimental economics, health economics, health policy, environmental economics, labour economics, and poverty measurement. Verity has worked with academics from many different disciplines, the government and the pharmaceutical industry.


Latest Publications

  • The Value of Preventative Dental Care: A Discrete-Choice Experiment

    Boyers, D., van der Pol, M., Watson, V., Lamont, T., Goulao, B., Ramsay, C., Duncan, A., Macpherson, L., Clarkson, J.

  • The burden of dengue in children by calculating spatial temperature: A methodological approach using remote sensing techniques

    Mendoza-Cano, O., Rincón-Avalos, P., Watson, V., Khouakhi, A., la Cruz, J. L. d., Ruiz-Montero, A. P., Nava-Garibaldi, C. M., Lopez-Rojas, M., Murillo-Zamora, E.

  • COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in a representative working-age population in France: a survey experiment based on vaccine characteristics

    Schwarzinger, M., Watson, V., Arwidson, P., Alla, F., Luchini, S.

  • Radical Treatment Without Cure: Decision-making in Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer

    Connor, M. J., Khoo, V., Watson, V., Hashim, A.

  • Is relational continuity of care as important to people as policy makers think?: Preferences for continuity of care in primary care

    Norwood, P., Correia, I., Heidenreich, S., Veiga, P., Watson, V.

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