Dr Luis Loria Rebolledo

Dr Luis Loria Rebolledo
Dr Luis Loria Rebolledo
Dr Luis Loria Rebolledo

Research Fellow



Luis is a Research Fellow in the Preference and Value team at the Health Economics Research Unit. His research interests include the elicitation of preferences and monetary values using stated preference methods, such as Discrete Choice Experiments. Luis is also interested in the intersection of health and environment. Luis has a methodological interest in the use of reference-dependent choice models and has taken part in the design of discrete choice experiments that apply these in the health and environmental economics field. Dr Loría-Rebolledo has a PhD in Economics from the University of Aberdeen which explored preferences for low emission buses using the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project as a case study. He has a BSc in Civil Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey (México) and an MSc in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management from the University of York.


Research Areas

Research Specialisms

  • Economics
  • Health Policy
  • Environmental and Public Health

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