Dr Joyce Neilson

Dr Joyce Neilson
Dr Joyce Neilson

Dr Joyce Neilson

Senior Lecturer


School of Geosciences King's College University of Aberdeen Aberdeen AB24 3UE United Kingdom



  • Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK (2017 - present)
  • Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK (2011-2017)
  • Teaching Fellow, University of Aberdeen, UK (2005 - 2011)
  • Independent Consultant, Carbonates (1993-2013)
  • BP Research, UK (1987-1993)
  • Ph.D. student (NERC funded) - Watt, J.E. An experimental investigation of the controls on carbonate diagenetic textures and mineralogies.  Imperial College, UK (1984-1987)

External Memberships

  • Secretary, Petroleum Group, Geological Society of London (2013-15)
  • Treasurer, Petroleum Group, Geological Society of London  (2010-13)
  • Associate Editor AAPGB (2010-2016)



Research Overview

  • Effect of petroleum filling and fault controlled fluids on burial diagenesis in carbonates.
  • Reservoir quality of Middle Eastern reservoirs
  • Effect of rock texture (facies and diagenetic alteration) on fracture patterns in carbonates. 
  • Late Cambrian oceanic chemistry and climate (Oman and Newfoundland).

Current Research

Ph.D. student Elliot Humphrey.  Determining the main controls on fault-associated dolomitisation and their influence on reservoir quality distribution.  Funded by NERC CDT/Equinor.

Late Cambrian oceanic chemistry and climate (Oman and Newfoundland).


Past Research

Collaboration with UFRGS, Brazil.  Global controls on mineralogy of oolitic carbonates and early marine cements in the late Cambrian– petrographic and geochemical studies. Implications for ocean chemistry and climate.  Funded by Shell Brazil. Completed



Ph.D. student Ebrahim Heydari.  Residual oil below the OWC in the Mishrif, Persian Gulf - an intergrated sedimentological and petrophysical study.  Part funding from Talisman-Sinopec, Helix-RDS, AFES.  Completed

Ph.D. student Rosalia Barili da Cunha (UK Supervisor).  Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Petrology and Geochemistry of the Port Au Port Group (Cambrian) in Newfoundland (Canada).  Funded by Shell Brazil.  Completed.

Ph.D. student Tom Haines.  The Influence of Carbonate Depositional and Diagenetic Textures on Faulting in Carbonates.  Funded by: UoA COPS Studentship, Total and BG).  Completed.

Ph.D. student Emma Michie.  Influence of Damage on the Petrophysical Properties of Carbonate Hosted Fault Zones.  Funded by Total and BG.  Completed.  

Ph.D. student Salmeen Al Marjibi.  Unravelling the depositional environments within the lower Andan Group (Al Bashir Fm., Late Cambrian) of north-central Oman.  Funded by PDO.  Completed.


Funding and Grants

  • NERC CDT Ph.D. funding.
  • Equinor Ph.D. funding.
  • Shell-Brazil fieldwork funding Newfoundland.
  • Petrophysics of Fractured Carbonates - Total E&P UK and BG International, brokered by ITF
  • Equipment Grants (AFES)

Teaching Responsibilities

  • GL 2015 - Petrology and Mineralogy
  • GL 3018 - Petroleum Geology.  Course co-ordinator.
  • GL 3521 - Sedimentology
  • M.Sc. IPG - Carbonates



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