Health and Safety

Health and Safety

The School of Geosciences regards the Health and Safety of its staff as a high priority. It is therefore important that we do as much as we can to prevent our activities causing harm to staff, students or members of the wider community that may be visiting areas under our control or the areas we visit in carrying out fieldwork.

The School’s Health and Safety Policy provides information on what we do within the School to prevent circumstances arising which could cause injury or ill health. Health and Safety legislation imposes duties on both staff and students as well as on the School and University as a whole. If we are to meet with all our statutory obligations set out in the legislation, it will require the co-operation and active involvement of everyone in the School.  Each one of us has an important part to play in ensuring that the School remains as safe as we can make it.

In addition to the information provided in these pages, guidance is available from:

Safety Documentation & Information

Fieldwork Documents

Overseas Travel

The Travel Advice Form and International Travel Application Form have both been amended to reflect the current situation during COVID.