CL image of garnet in high pressure marbleThe optical microscopy facilities in the Department have recently been upgraded and rehoused in new laboratories.
The facilities include a range of light microscopy and digital camera set-ups,enhanced by cold-gun cathodoluminescence and fluid inclusion analysis.


Transmitted light microscopy

  • Meiji polarising microscope with digital camera (partial funding from AFES)
  • Leitz polarising microscope with digital camera and point counter
  • Leitz polarising microscope for general use
  • Nikon polarising microscope for general use

Incident light microscopy

  • Olympus incident light binocular microscope
  • Leica incident light binocular microscope

Reflected light microscopy

  • Leitz reflected light microscope
  • Nikon vitrinite reflectance microscope

Fluid Inclusion Analysis

  • Nikon ultra violet microscope with digital camera
  • Olympus fluid inclusion stage

Cathodoluminescence (Meston G14)

  • Citl Cold Cathodoluminescence unit
  • Nikon photographic microscope with digital camera



The optical microscopy facilities are available for research staff and students. The facilities are housed in Meston G12 and G14. For further information and booking please contact the lab manager. The facilities are available for external use.


AFES - Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society