F-TRG phase 1

F-TRG phase 1

Phase 1 achievements

  • Overview of current understanding of the structure of thrust systems.
  • Strategies for management of the interpretation uncertainty and practices for limiting drilling surprises.
  • Analysis of region lateral variations in fold-thrust geometry at outcrop, in the Subalpine Chains of SE France and in the Laramide belt of Montana.
  • Online resource of analogue thrust belt interpretations from worldwide outcrop examples, tied to satellite imagery.
  • Descriptions of damage styles, related to large-scale geometry (Montana).
  • Integration with ongoing research on thrust system geometry in Aberdeen.
  • Knowledge exchange web resource for partners.
  • Delivery of field-based training (Alps, SW Wales).
  • In-house training in cross-section construction and restoration.
  • Webinar lecture series.

Outputs from phase 1 are available to sponsors via our knowledge exchange site.

Phase 1 F-TRG publications

In addition the following publications have arisen from F-TRG phase 1:

F-TRG phase 1 sponsors

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