Academic Staff

  • Dr Brice Rea, Personal Chair
    Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology; Ice Rheology; Landscape Evolution; Deep-Ocean Sedimentology and Borehole Logging
  • Dr Matteo Spagnolo, Reader
    GIS and Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere; Ice-Sheet/Stream Bedforms; Pleistocene Alpine Glaciers; Morphotectonics



Recent Research Staff

  • Dr Ramón Pellitero Ondicol, Research Fellow (now at University of the Basque Country, Spain)
    Using glacier-climate proxies to model the Younger Dryas climate in Europe
  • Dr Danni Pearce, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (now at SEPA)
    Glacial Geomorphology


Aberdeen postgraduates supervised by CCC staff

  • Simona Caruso: Gas hydrates in the North Atlantic Ocean: Sea bed instabilities and future climate change
  • Simona Gabrielli: Monitoring volcanoes with integrated geophysical methods and geographical information systems (MOVInG)
  • Bartosz Kurjanski: Characterisation of glacigenic reservoirs and landsystems using sedimentology, geomorphology and virtual outcrop mapping
  • Rachel Oien: Climate at the onset of the Antarctic ice-sheet growth: a detailed analysis of ice-buried glacial cirques


External postgraduates supervised by CCC staff

  • Damon Davies, University of Edinburgh
    The nature and dynamics of ice stream beds 


Recently Completed PhDs

  • Tom Dowling (2016; now in the private sector)
    Drumlins in the Swedish context
  • Jeremy Ely (2016; post-doc at University of Sheffield)
    Ice streaming: exploiting flow signatures to understand processes 
  • Danni Pearce (2014; now post-doc at University of Aberdeen)
    Reconstruction of Younger Dryas plateau icefields in the Tweedsmuir Hills, Southern Uplands, Scotland: Geomorphological evidence and palaeoclimate implications 
  • David Ashmore (2014; now post-doc at Aberystwyth University)
    Water flow beneath the Atarctic Ice Sheet
  • James Lea (2014; now post-doc at Stockholm University)
    Modelling Greenlandic tidewater glacier fluctuations over millennial timescales
  • Chinotu George (2014; now employed in an oil exploration company)
    Geometry of surface and subsurface deposits and landforms in the Niger Delta
  • Richard Morris (2013; now at Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, SEPA)
    Refreezing and runoff at the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet 
  • Catriona Fyffe, (2013; University of Dundee; now at Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, SEPA)
    The hydrology of debris-covered glaciers: implications for freshwater runoff under a changing climate 
  • Tom Cowton (2013; University of Edinburgh; now at University of Sheffield)
    Investigating the hydrology of a Greenland outlet glacier 
  • Philip Prescott (2013; University of Durham)
    Investigating the roughness of ice-sheet and ice-stream beds 
  • Pedro Costa, (2012; University of Lisbon; now at University of Dundee)
    Sedimentology of tsunami deposits 
  • Marie Porter (2012; now at SAMS Oban)
    Oceanography and glaciology in the North Atlantic 
  • Caroline Clason (2012; now at University of Stockholm)
    Quantitative controls on the routing of supra-glacial meltwater to the bed of glaciers and ice sheets 
  • Ian Bartholomew (2012; University of Edinburgh)
    Investigating the subglacial hydrology and dynamics of a Greenland outlet glacier 
  • Nanna Karlsson (2011; University of Hull & British Antarctic Survey; now at Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark)
    Radio-echo sounding of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica: Understanding the past from observations, analysis and modelling of internal layering 
  • Jason McIlveny (2009; University of the Highlands and Islands, Thurso)
    Holocene coastal evolution of Dunnet Head area, Caithness, Scotland 
  • Christina Bell (2008; now at Scottish Natural Heritage)
    Measurement and modelling of Arctic mass balance change and processes 
  • Victoria Parry (2008; University of Edinburgh)
    Meltwater freezing and density variations in the snowpack and firn within the percolation zone of the Greenland Ice Sheet