MSc Sustainability Transitions

MSc Sustainability Transitions

Sustainable development – the balancing of environmental, economic and social goals – is the greatest challenge facing the planet today.

While societies and economies are embarking on complex transitions to more sustainable practices in order to mitigate climate change and address contemporary environmental challenges, there is a shortage of leaders with appropriate skills and knowledge to take this agenda forward and help make the world a more sustainable place.

This programme is designed to train the future generation of innovators and thinkers who have the passion and ambition to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and become true sustainability leaders which the world needs.

This MSc is intended for:

  • New graduates from a very wide range of social and physical science disciplines who want to pursue their career in the broad area of sustainability and lead sustainability transitions,
  • Existing professionals from various institutions and businesses with corporate social and environmental responsibilities who wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise,
  • Professionals from private sector, governmental bodies and non-profit organisations who look for a career change.

The programme is suitable for everyone who wishes to understand the complexity of transitions to sustainability (and the challenges that such transitions have to face) from the perspective of social science. The programme offers continuing professional development to employees of businesses and public institutions, and it will also appeal to those wishing to set up their own consultancy, NGO, local partnership or community interest company.


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