Living North Sea Project

Living North Sea Project

The Living North Sea project is a collaboration between seven countries around the North Sea region with the aim of 'Free fish migration from sea to source'. Once known for its rich fish population the North Sea is now suffering from intensive fish practices and rivers connected with the North Sea are blocked with man-made barriers.

Many fish species live in both fresh and salt water to fulfil their lifecycle, such as sea trout, salmon and eel. If the cycle is not complete they will become extinct and this is exactly what has happened in many places around the North Sea. If nothing changes, more species will disappear. Hence there is need to take preventative measures to facilitate free fish migration or fish-friendly barriers across regions around the North Sea.

The Living North Sea project aims to focus on key issues and solutions for fish migration. The team consists of fifteen partners working on reconnecting the rivers and deltas around the North Sea region. The project is partly funded by the European Interreg North Sea program.

The partnership focuses on:

  • addressing knowledge gaps about fish populations that depend on free movement between the North Sea and freshwater systems;
  • innovative fish migration measures;
  • collaborating with local water management authorities and policy makers;
  • creating greater public awareness about the Living North Sea and its aims and future achievements.