The following research, consultancy and administrative services have either been completed or are on-going:


Marine Spatial Planning

Alison Macdonald talking about her PhD research at All Energy 2015 in Glasgow on the 6th May 2015 (PhD Supervisors: Anne-Michelle Slater (Law) / Beth Scott (Biological Sciences) / David R. Green (Geography)).



Coastal Conservation and Management

  • Management of coastal conservation sites


Marine and Coastal Resource Management

  • Management of marine resources of Scotland with special reference to Aquaculture
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (including partnership in COREPOINT, EU funded)


Coastal Geomorphology

  • Sand dune hydrology


Tsunami Science

  • Interpretation of recent and historical tsunami evidence


Oil and Gas

  • Conceptual developments in oil spill contingency planning including Wildlife Response



  • Conceptual developments in coastal monitoring (including partnership in CoPraNet (EU funded)
  • Monitoring of coastal defence works along Aberdeen beach



  • Pipeline landfall EIAs
  • Conservation Chapters in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) programme


Remote Sensing and GIS

  • Airborne and Satellite-borne Remote Sensing and Mapping, including precise measurement of coastal change
  • GIS for coastal planning and management, including data models and European Space Acency (Coastwatch) and on-line mapping services
  • Compilation of Digital Photographic Archive for the coastline of Scotland


Field Data Collection

  • Instrumentation of Ythan Estuary in association with OceanLab at Newburgh
  • Mobile field mapping using Apps and PDAs, mobile communications, GPS and internet-based GIS
  • Precise measurement of change in selected Scottish sand dune systems



  • Web-GIS
  • Coastal Atlases



  • Beach Litter Monitoring and Mapping
  • Surf Science and Artificial Reefs
  • Renewable Energy
  • Coastal Adaptation, Vulnerability and Risk
  • Fish Migration



  • Administration of RSPB Projects


Conference, Workshop and Seminar Organisation

  • CoastGIS'97
  • CoastGIS 2005
  • Littoral 2004
  • Eco-Imagine


Completed Projects