The Aberdeen Climate Change Forum

The Aberdeen Climate Change Forum

IMCOREMany people living in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, particularly in the coastal zone, have questions about climate change that they do not have answers to or might be worried about the possible impacts. The Aberdeen Climate Change Forum aims to explain the most likely coastal impacts of climate change based on the knowledge experts have so far. Within these pages we aim to present some practical examples of what is being done to combat climate change problems and positive ways in which everybody can get involved in the solutions.

The forum was developed as part of the IMCORE project (Innovative Management for Europe's Changing Coastal Resource) which hopes to promote an innovative and sustainable approach to reducing the impacts of climate change on coastal areas in North West Europe. It is not so much about predicting effects but offering suggestions of how we can all adapt to change. IMCORE recognizes the need for adaptations within coastal sectors e.g. fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, marine recreation and coastal defence. Scientists and practitioners involved in IMCORE span Ireland, the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Scotland, the University of Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Council are the IMCORE partnership, working on a range of coastal projects (


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