The Green Economy Research Centre (GERC) brings together interdisciplinary expertise across the School of Geosciences and the University of Aberdeen to explore the dynamics, processes, political economy and impacts of green economy transitions in a variety of spatial and sectoral contexts. The centre draws upon perspectives from multiple disciplines to examine the process and outcomes of green transitions including environmental and economic geography, environmental social science, political economy, environmental economics and environmental science. GERC takes a leading role in promoting and advancing education on implementing a green economy and the sustainable development goals. It provides a forum linking students and activities in two Master programmes (MSc on Environmental Partnership Management and Master of Land Economy) with PhD students and active researchers working on sustainability topics. We are located in the School of Geosciences at the University of Aberdeen and our network of expertise extends across Scotland, the UK, the European Union; Australia; China and Peru.

The Green Economy Research Centre delivers research and activity around three independent themes: Sustainable Food Production; Sustainable Tourism and Blue Economy. The themes are linked by a number of cross cutting issues, including understanding and facilitating low carbon transitions; analysis of governance and political economy; engaging with people, society and culture and delivering the ecosystem approach.