Postgraduate Life in the Department

Postgraduate Life in the Department

Aberdeen City BeachPostgraduates are fully integrated into Aberdeen's vibrant academic life. From the beginning of their research at Aberdeen, students are valued as members of the department and are invited to participate in a range of activities from academic conferences and seminars to more informal discussions with other postgraduates and staff.

The Archaeology Department organises the Northern Archaeological Research Seminar Series to which students are encouraged to attend and, as their research progresses, present seminars.  In addition, the university hosts a range of further lecture series, often by nationally and internationally distinguished speakers and visitors which augments the departmental programme.

Senior postgraduate students are expected to be involved with teaching undergraduate tutorials and lectures, providing crucial experience for CV building.

Postgraduate students are members of the University of Aberdeen's Postgraduate Research School.  The school will enhance and support your personal, professional and career development through a range of activities designed to help you to maximise your learning opportunities during your time at Aberdeen and to provide a skills base for your career wherever it may take you.

The opportunities provided by the University of Aberdeen afford an excellent base for research training and the transfer of ideas, knowledge and experience in a mutually supportive environment.

All graduate research students are provided with personal computers, office space and access to an excellent central computing service.

Students also have access to the University's library and digital collections, as well as rare manuscripts within the University's Special Libraries and Archive Collections.