Material Culture

Material Culture

Material culture at Aberdeen brings together expertise on theoretical perspectives, scientific analysis, presentation and politics. 

Researchers in the Department of Archaeology and associated disciplines employ diverse approaches to material culture with particular strengths in:

  • pottery
  • lithics
  • glass
  • iron metallurgycarved stones and their context (notably prehistoric rock art and early medieval sculpture)
  • ethnicity and social identity
  • technology and cultural transmission
  • object and monument biographies
  • materiality and remembrance
  • performance
  • heritage issues
  • museum studies
  • public outreach

Our interests range from understanding the origins of the world's oldest pottery through to the study of 19th-20th-century replication of archaeological material, graffiti and Holocaust art.

We build on our close links with the university’s King’s Museum and the Department of Chemistry, as well as with museums, heritage bodies and related institutions across the world.