Current Post-Graduate Students

Current Post-Graduate Students

Amy Allan-Jones


Jennifer Allison


Elizabeth Ashcroft


Sarah Barakat


Isotopic study of faunal migration.


Elisabeth Chaumont Sturtevant



Osteoarchaeology, cremation burials in prehistoric Scotland


Leanne Demay


Leidy Gonzalez Bojaca


Elinor Graham


Coastal archaeology, remote sensing, climate change.


Emilie Jean Green


Eurasian chronology and community adapatations.


Éléa Gutierrez


Nitrogen isotopes and dietary macronutrients. Ancient diets.


Sarah Hiepler


Zachary Hinckley


Early Medieval nuclear hillforts in context.


Rosalie Hopko


Osteoarchaeology, Medieval Scotland


Caitlin Jacobsen


Seascapes, maritimity, Alaska


Lucy Koster


Sara Manavian


Greg Michaelson


Victoria Rendt


Irmine Roshem


Osteoarchaeology, climate change and respiratory health.

  Biance Santullo  

Alistair Stenhouse


Foreshore archaeology, historic fishweirs in Scotland.