Why Choose Aberdeen?

Why Choose Aberdeen?

Science Teaching Hub

Opening in 2022, the new Science Teaching Hub will transform the teaching of geosciences at the University of Aberdeen.

Get Into Geosciences

We study the processes that form and shape the Earth and examine how people interact with their environment through time.

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is one of the UK's most internationally distinguished universities, located in one of the most dynamic, prosperous and beautiful regions of the UK.

There are many reasons why the University of Aberdeen’s School of Geosciences is an excellent choice for your studies:

We offer both breadth and depth in the study of Geosciences

  • The School of Geosciences houses programmes in Archaeology, Geography and Environment, and Geology and Geophysics, and Planetary Sciences and offers a wide variety of Single- and Joint Honours Degree courses to both undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • The School's disciplines are united in teaching and researching field-based subjects, and we all believe in the value of showing students real-life examples as illustrated by the School motto:  The classroom is anywhere; the laboratory is everywhere.
  • The School is formed of a diverse and eclectic collection of academic staff who share an interest in the Earth and try to answer some of its biggest questions, such as how our planet originated, how humans interact with it, and how we can live on it sustainably.
  • We recognise and embrace emerging areas of research where the whole School can contribute, such as future energy options, development of digital societies, catastrophic natural processes, hydrology and drainage evolution, and human impacts on the natural environment.

We benefit from access to superb natural and built environments

  • In Aberdeen we have easy access to superb natural environments, including coastline and mountain, forests and farmland, bustling city centres and rural towns, which form the setting for much of our fieldwork.
  • Field-based teaching in many of our courses ensures development of practical, accessible skills complemented by classroom-based teaching focusing on methods, concepts, and their communication.

Our programmes are relevant and engaging

  • Our programmes of study are based in both sound academics and emerging knowledge, and provide students with the skills needed to obtain employment after graduation.
  • We consistently receive high marks from students for overall satisfaction, and our graduates have high levels of employment after completion. Our students value the support they receive from staff, and the resources to which they have access.

Our teaching is research led and designed to impart essential skills

  • Classes in the Geosciences are taught through a combination of lectures, seminars, small-group tutorials, laboratory practicals, and field trips.
  • Our teaching is delivered by staff who are actively engaged in researching some of the most important problems facing the world today. This research-led approach ensures that courses are current and exciting, and gives students the opportunity to engage with issues with far-reaching social and environmental dimensions.
  • Our students are actively involved in scientific research. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to undertake independent research as part of their Senior Honours year, a project that often proves pivotal for students determining what to pursue after graduation.

We enjoy a collegiate and inclusive work environment

  • Our School is supported by a collegial and effective administrative and technical support team, who strive to ensure an efficient and friendly learning environment.
  • Our students have the option of participating in one of our active student societies, where their friends and classmates come together to participate in learning and social activities.

We have strong local, national and international links to industry, government bodies, charities and other research institutions

We maintain and foster strong connections with our research and professional networks, and these offer strong benefits to our students:

  • We work to ensure that students have exposure to a range of professionals from their fields, through seminars, guest lectures, and participation in field trips.
  • We work with our networks to ensure that we are offering students the skills and qualifications necessary to meet evolving employer requirements.
  • Many of our students are able to work within our networks to gain experience, input for research projects, and placements.