Kunju & Jingju: Breathing New Life into the Tradition

Kunju & Jingju: Breathing New Life into the Tradition

This is a past event

Join Professor Li Ruru of Leeds University, an expert in Chinese Opera and music, for this animated and engaging talk.

Both kunju (sometimes called as kunqu) and jingju (known as Beijing Opera) are the well-known genres of the traditional Chinese theatre. They are presented through highly-stylised singing, speaking, dance-acting and combat with specific role types and exquisite stage conventions. How do the old theatres cope with the demands of the fast-changing world and the pressure of new technologies? If actors are restricted by formal conventions and modes in acting and music, how do they create originality on the stage? What do modernity and globalization mean to the highly-stylized theatres; are the effects purely ideological or do they extend to fundamental artistic attributes?

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Professor Li Ruru
Hosted by
Confucius Institute, University of Aberdeen
New King's 1, University of Aberdeen


01224 273726

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