Quantum Computing for Everyone

Quantum Computing for Everyone

This is a past event

To promote and celebrate World Quantum Day on Monday 15 April the University of Aberdeen is running an online event to raise awareness of, and demonstrate, the transformative power of quantum computing.

Quantum physics is the most fundamental theory we have to describe Nature at the level of the elementary particles and forces that constitute our Universe. Join us, as we explore the many dimensions of the quantum realm.

The event is broad and non-technical in nature, and will be of interest to anyone considering a Computing Science degree at any level, or with an interest in the topic generally.

Participants will have the chance to experience first-hand some of the exciting phenomena of the quantum world such as entanglement, superposition, and many more.

Furthermore, participants will gain an understanding of how quantum computing advances and algorithms can be adapted to enrich and further progress existing classical computing problems. 

Quantum computing is an exciting future technology that will allow us to solve problems that are effectively impossible for the "classical" computers we use today. These computers have a lot in common with those we know and love, but have special capabilities harnessing the world of quantum entanglement and superposition to solve certain problems in a fraction of the time.

But don't expect to see your laptop replaced by a quantum computer any time soon! They are so sensitive to magnetic and electrical interference that they must be kept inside purpose-built chambers that chill them to near absolute zero temperatures.

Companies such as IBM, Google and Amazon have already built quantum computers, however, and researchers the world over are now beginning their journey toward realising the full potential of this bleeding edge technology, with game-changing applications in machine learning, finance, security, medical research and much more.

Sign up now for this free event to learn and ask questions on this exciting new technology.

Hosted by
Dr Kamaran Fathulla

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