Bioinformatics Training Course - Alignment and Variant Calling

Bioinformatics Training Course - Alignment and Variant Calling

This is a past event

Part of the Centre for Genome Enabled Biology and Medicine (CGEBM) bioinformatics training course series, this course will introduce you to methods for using modern sequencing data to detect genetic variation.

The availability of sequenced reference genomes for a large number of species has led to an increase in research that investigates variation in isolates and individuals that could be linked to phenotypic changes. This workshop will work through the key steps involved in analysing sequencing data to detect genetic variants and the associated genes using both the Galaxy graphical user interface and the command line interface to the Aberdeen HPC.

Prerequisites: This course is relatively fast-paced, so participants will need to have taken the CGEBM Introduction to Unix and HPC course or have existing experience to be able to keep up. If you are in doubt about your existing qualifications, please email Louie van de Lagemaat to discuss. The CGEBM Quality Control course is also highly recommended

This is an instructor led computer-based tutorial with support demonstrators.

Instructors: CGEBM Bioinformaticians (Dr Antonio Ribeiro, Dr Dami Oresegun, and Dr Louie van de Lagemaat)

More information is available here: CGEBM_Alignment_VariantCalling.pdf

Hosted by
CGEBM, University of Aberdeen
Computer Room 3, Polwarth Building

Please contact Louie van de Lagemaat for queries about your registration.