The Big Draw: Sensing Animals - drawing session (Rescheduled Event)

The Big Draw: Sensing Animals - drawing session (Rescheduled Event)

This is a past event

A facilitated drawing session including drawing using touch, with a colour-blind palette, and drawing animals which have unusual senses.

Can you draw something without seeing it?

What does a colourful bird look like to someone who sees colour differently?

Can you imagine sensing the world in ways humans can't?

Come to this facilitated drawing session at the University of Aberdeen's Zoology Museum using specimens from the collection. See if you can draw using only your sense of touch or using a colour-blind palette, and discover animals with unusual senses such as bats and mantis shrimps.

The session is FREE.

Booking advised but drop-ins welcome if space allows.

All ages/abilities welcome. 

The Big Draw 2023: Sensing Animals

Hosted by
University of Aberdeen Museums & Special Collections
Zoology Museum

To book, please email