Concert Series - Suhail Serghini and José Cortés

Concert Series - Suhail Serghini and José Cortés

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ZiryabCaló is a project made up of notable Andalusian artists specialized in flamenco dialogue with Arabic-Andalusian music.


‘Between Two Shores’

Suhail Serghini: Arabic oud, voice and percussion

José Cortés ‘El Pirata’: flamenco guitar and voice

ZiryabCaló is a project formed of notable artists from Andalusia who specialise in the dialogue between flamenco and Arab-Andalusian music. Through this project emerges an intercultural dialogue between two cultures: flamenco and Maghrebi.

Ziryab was a multifaceted person from the 9th century who arrived at the Umayyad court of Cordoba from Bagdad to revolutionise the customs of the era, not only in terms of music for which he is known, but also in terms of other social activities such as gastronomy and clothing. Caló is the language developed by Spanish Gitanos (Roma), also sometimes known as calé, zincaló or romaní ibérico, which is a variant of the Romani language.

This concert with Suhail Serghini and José Cortés ‘El Pirata’ (from Granada) presents a double musical dialogue through its mixture of musical aromas from distinct origins that link the Arabic, Maghrebi and Andalusian cultural traditions with flamenco that represents Andalusia of the 21st century, as well as the incorporation of global rhythms. This fusion is exemplified in the mixture between genuine flamenco instruments like the guitar, with the Arabic oud and the combination of the voices of the muwashshah and flamenco song.  

Suhail with his group ‘La Zambra’ has triumphed in places such as Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, Libya, France, the United States and Japan for his quality and originality.

King's College Chapel

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