Concert Series - Caledonia Australis

Concert Series - Caledonia Australis

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Shane Lestideau, Aaron McGregor & Dave McGuinness

The Scottish music featured in this program has boomeranged its way back to Albion shores after a century or two spent in Australia. Australian and Scottish fiddlers, Shane Lestideau and Aaron McGregor, as well as Scotland’s renowned historical keyboard player, David McGuinness, explore the familiar, and exotic, sounds of Scottish-Australian music collections. 

Strathspey and Reel sets which arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1813 with the Forfarshire fiddler, Sandy Laing, are presented with their new titles honouring Tasmanian people and places. Tune sets from the Victorian Snowy Mountains are played alongside Scotch Fantasias from Penicuikwhich found themselves transplanted, like Scotch thistlesin the tropics, into the hot and humid climes of northern Queensland in the early 20thC. The trio will also perform 19thC Scottish-Australian repertoire recorded with Evergreen Ensemble for an ABC Classics album entitled Curious Caledonians in 2019. 

King's College Chapel

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