Private international law's contribution to the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI): an EU perspective

This is a past event

*This event is part of the 'Crossroads in Private International Law' webinar series, organised by the Centre for Private International Law.

Speaker: Dr Michiel Poesen

Moderated by Tim Dornis, Professor of Private Law and Intellectual Property Law, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany

In this webinar, we will bridge artificial intelligence (AI) and EU private international law, i.e. the body of rules that determine which country’s law applies to cross-border legal relationships involving private parties, such as businesses, consumers or employees.

To that aim, we will start by scrutinising the current legal framework for its capacity to deal with cross-border private law claims arising out of the application of AI systems. Then, we will evaluate the recent proposal of the European Parliament for a bespoke EU Regulation concerning civil liability for harm caused by AI, which included a novel rule of private international law.

Here, we will also reflect on the role private international law could play in the EU’s emerging regulatory policy for AI systems.


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