Saving and using the Ocean: What should the new UN agreement say?

Saving and using the Ocean: What should the new UN agreement say?

Ocean science, policy & industry experts discuss a new UN agreement to conserve and sustainably use deep-sea marine biodiversity.

The ocean matters to all of us. 2020 sees the last stages of negotiation of a new United Nations agreement relating to our use of the high sea and deep ocean.

The agreement’s objective is to deliver a fair and balanced approach to conservation and sustainability, taking into account the perspective of countries at different levels of development, science and the health benefits arising from the use of marine genetic resources.  

Join us at the Wolfson Lecture Theatre in Edinburgh to hear from our panel of diplomats, environmental activists, and industry experts - including University of Aberdeen Professors Abbe Brown and Marcel Jaspars - as they put forward their views on the negotiations.

The floor will then be open to questions and you will have the opportunity to challenge those involved and influence this very important process.  

The event closes with the launch of ‘Song of the Oceans’, specially composed by Paul Mealor and Grahame Davies to raise public awareness of these significant negotiations.

Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh
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