Future Debate: Would you share your DNA?

Future Debate: Would you share your DNA?

This is a past event

Coordinated by British Science Association and Sponsored by Genomics England

We now live in an age when an unprecedented amount of data is collected about our lives. At the same time, the full DNA (or genome) of thousands of volunteers is being collected for research and the NHS is preparing for the rollout of medical services that use this data to diagnose, treat and prevent serious illnesses of willing patients.

This data has huge potential for improving the health of everyone, but genomic data is the most personal type of information, requiring special care and protection. This Future Debate event will consider the benefits and risks of this system and ask, how should the data be stored, who should have access, should everyone’s genome be analysed at birth and is there a duty to donate your genome, like with blood and organs?

Admission is FREE, NO booking required

Prof Abbe Brown (Chair in Intellectual Property), Dr Lynne Mennie (Scottish Genomes Partnership: Genomics of Rare Diseases), Dr Heather Morgan (Institute of Applied Health Sciences), Dr Jonathan Pettitt (Institute of Medical Sciences) & Dr Sarah Christie
Cognito at the Cross, Queen's Cross Church, Albyn Place, AB10 1YN

Contact Chris Croly for more information.

01224 273689 


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