Dr Tamer El-Sayed

Dr Tamer El-Sayed
Dr Tamer El-Sayed
Dr Tamer El-Sayed

Honorary Research Fellow

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School of Engineering


Honrary research fellow in Centre for Applied Dynamic Research

Prof. Mechanical Design Department, Helwan University.(2021-now).

Associate Prof. Mechanical Design Department, Helwan University.(2016-2020).

Assistant Prof.  Mechanical Design Department, Helwan University.(2011-2020).

PhD in Engineering - Sheffield University (Ph.D. Title: Modelling The Strengthening Of Glass Using Epoxy Based Coatings).

Master- Helwan University (M.Sc. Title: The Fatigue Behaviour of Polymeric Materials)

External Memberships

Reviewer of

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

Applied Mathematical Modelling.

Structural Engineering and Mechanics.

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping.

Scientia Iranica.

Engineering research Journal.

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Research Overview

1- Modelling the dynamics of BHA:

Modelling the lateral vibrations of drill strings used in oil field industry.

2-Vibration of continuous systems:

Research is focused on obtaining exact and/or numerical solutions for complicated structural and mechanical systems. The exact solution includes the use of several algorithms in order to solve sophisticated beam or plate problems. The analytical solution includes new modifications to some mathematical methods such as variational iteration method. Recently, research is carried out on the dynamics of nano-beams.

3-Fluid structure interaction:

This work includes the investigation of the stability of pipe conveying fluids. Most recent research is focused on the fluid structure interaction resulting from water hammer.

4- Design of hydraulic turbomachinery:

Research in this area is focused on computational fluid dynamics analysis for several turbomachines such as high speed pumps, reciprocating pumps and turbocharger. It also included investigating the dynamic characterastics of journal bearings and modelling the nolinear vibrations of the turbomachinary rotors mounted on journal bearings.




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