TitleFundingDatesAberdeen investigators
Bed friction in rough-bed free-surface flows: a theoretical framework, roughness regimes, and quantification EPSRC 2014- 2017

Vladimir Nikora; Stuart Cameron

Turbulence, trophic interactions and sustainable energy extraction Environment and Food Security Theme, UoA 2013- 2017

Vladimir Nikora; Beth Scott

Flood MEMORY: Multi-Event Modelling Of Risk & recoverY EPSRC Sandpit 2013- 2016

Dubravka Pokrajac

Hydrodynamic transport in ecologically critical heterogeneous interfaces (HYTEC) EC, Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN 2013- 2016

Vladimir Nikora; Stuart Cameron; Chris Gibbins; Nina Nikora

Integrated models for stability of offshore wind energy system ETP studentship 2013- 2016

Yakun Guo

Hydrodynamic performance of seaweed farms and their optimisation in bio-fuel aquaculture: An experimental study Northern Research Partnership; COPS 2012- 2015 Vladimir Nikora; Paul Mitchell
Sand Transport under Irregular and Breaking Wave Conditions (SINBAD) EPSRC 2012- 2015 Tom O'Donoghue; Dominic van der A
Fundamental study of migration of supercritical CO2 in porous media under conditions of saline aquifers EPSRC 2011- 2014 Dubravka Pokrajac
High resolution numerical and experimental studies of turbulence-induced sediment erosion and near-bed transport EPSRC 2010- 2014 Vladimir Nikora; Stuart Cameron; John Watson
Hydrodynamics of fishing gear: An experimental study Marine Scotland; College of Physical Sciences 2011- 2014

Vladimir Nikora; Barry O’Neil

Hypersaline discharges into tidal coastal waters EPSRC 2010- 2013 Yakun Guo
Turbulence and wall shear stress in unsteady internal flows with rough surfaces EPSRC 2010- 2013 Tom O'Donoghue; Dubravka Pokrajac
Coupling study of water flow, turbine blade and electric network in hydropower station China National Natural Science Foundation 2009- 2012 Yakun Guo
Mixing by breaking internal solitary waves Northern Research Partnership; EPSRC DTA 2009- 2012 Yakun Guo
Biophysics of flow-plants interactions in aquatic systems Leverhulme Trust 2008- 2011 Vladimir Nikora
Development of a specialized downhole pumping system for the extension of the life of gas wells KTP with Zi-Lift Ltd. 2008- 2010

Yakun Guo

South Aberdeen Coastal Regeneration Project Aberdeen City Council 2008- 2009

Tom O'Donoghue

William Ritchie (AICSM); Alastair Dawson (AICSM); David R. Green (Geography & Environment)

KTP: Knowledge Transfer Partnership

AICSM: Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Science & Management