Dr Shabnam Tashakori

Dr Shabnam Tashakori
Dr Shabnam Tashakori
Dr Shabnam Tashakori

Honorary Research Fellow



Career Summary:

  • Honorary research fellow, Aberdeen University of Technology, 2022-present
  • Assistant professor, Shiraz University of Technology, 2023-present
  • Co-founder and COB, Rahesh innovation center, 2020-2023
  • Research collaborator, University of Technology Sydney, 2019-present
  • COB, Raha company, 2018-2020
  • Visiting research fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2018
  • Research assistant, Core of future studies, Iran Academy of Sciences, 2017-2018
  • Teaching assistant, Sharif University of Technology, 2012-2017


  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering 
    2012 - Shiraz University 
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics) 
    2014 - Sharif University of Technology 
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Dynamics, Vibration and Control) 
    2019 - Sharif University of Technology 

Research Overview

Shabnam Tashakori leads projects on modeling and control of time delay systems. She has also published research studies on fractional-order modeling and impact force reconstruction.

Research Specialisms

  • Control Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Acoustics and Vibration

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.


  • Prof. Nathan van de Wouw, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands
  • Dr. Sumeet S. Aphale, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Dr. Vahid Vaziri, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Dr. Hamed Kalhori, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Dr. Ben Halkon, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Prof. Bing Li, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
  • Dr. Morteza Saberi, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Dr. Samir Mustapha, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Prof. Lin Ye, Southern University of Science and Technology, China