Dr Raffaello Secchi

Dr Raffaello Secchi
Dr Raffaello Secchi
Dr Raffaello Secchi



Email Address
Telephone Number
+44 (0)1224 274508
Office Address

Fraser Noble Building FN364

School of Engineering

Funding and Grants

  • SMILE- CNES/Thales Alenia Space, Lead Investigator: 50% share G. Fairhurst and R. Secchi, Partnership with Thales Alenia to investigate the impact of new video streaming technologies on satellite networking
  • ESA support to the Satnex III Network of Experts, ARTES funding RGF0303, European Space Agency,European Space Agency, Lead Investigator: G. Fairhurstm, A consortium of five Universities for the analysis of "Future Web Technologies and Protocols over Broadband GEO Satellite Networks"
  • Competition of Ideas: A Secure Adhoc Full-Mesh Satcom network based on a DVB-S2 Physical Layer, Astrium LTD, DVB-RCS simulation and appliction to real-time traffic

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