Group 1: Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics

1) Shaun Fraser- “Turbulence, Trophic Interactions, and Sustainable Energy Extraction”

2) Purnomo Sidi- “Investigate the Suitability of Eichhornia crassipes as Lost Circulation Material for the Drilling Operations”

3) Michele Starnoni- Modelling single and two-phase flow on micro-CT images with application to geological storage of CO2

4) Konstantinos Papadopoulos- Second-order hydrodynamic equations for flows over mobile boundaries

5) Hamish Biggs- “Flow-vegetation interactions: A field study of Ranunculus penicillatus at the large patch scale”

6) Davide Vettori- Hydrodynamic performance of seaweed replicas”

7) James Adeleye-  “Numerical and experimental characterisation of hydrocarbon flow in shale reservoirs”


Group 2: Materials and Chemical Engineering

8) Igor Maciel De Oliveira e Silva- Theoretical investigation of different population coexistence in bioreactors with open-mixed microbial cultures”

9) Shoja Shokofan- The Application of Nanotechnology in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)”

Thomas Chinedu Aniokete- “Novel Method of Separating Biofuel from Fermentation Broth”

10) Harriet Aitken- “Shaking things up: Moving Bed Applications for Arsenic Remediation”

11) Rasheed Abubakar- “Biotreatability of food processing industry wastewaters using sequencing batch reactor technology”

12) Chinedu Etteh- Biological Process for removal of Organic Xenobiotics from Waste Waters”

13) Hoda Beltagui- Durability of calcium sulfoaluminate cements in marine environments”

14) Naomi Patterson- “Development of Concrete Materials and Products for thermal efficiency”

15) Frank Birse- The Development of a Continuous Anode for a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell”

16) Stella Corsetti- “Stella Corsetti- Optical Analysis of evaporation dynamics of biofuel-hydrocarbon mixtures”

17) Chukwuemeka Uzukwu- Microbial Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons as a Mechanism for Oil Recovery”

18) Casmir Etteh-Biological Processes for Removal of Organic Xenobiotics from Waste Waters”

Group 3: Solid and Granular Mechanics

19) Mohammad Hedayati-“Reliability of Profiled Blast Wall Structures”

20) Lawrence Wilcox- “Modelling Resevoir Behaviour During Fracture”

21) Salisu Elhussein- Finite element simulation of guided waves in pipelines for long range monitoring against third party attacks”


Group 4: Theoretical and Applied Dynamics

22) Clara Casanovas- Experimental Study of Trawl Gear Elements”

23) Alexandre Morato- “Reliability of Offshore Wind Turbines Support Structures”

24) Sergi Arnau Almirall- Design considerations of subsea pipelines”

25) Victoria Kurushina-Vortex-Induced Vibrations on Risers”


Group 5: Power Systems, Communication and Optics

26) Ijeoma Oluchukwu Okeke- Real-Time Building Energy Management System”

27) Renyou Zhang- Engineering estimation on single liquid phase nitrogen cooling process for superconducting power transmission”

28) Maureen Jennings- Overcoming potential shortcomings in the current assessment of competence and measurement of performance indicators within the Oil & Gas Industry”

29) Sunday Atuba- Generation of Train of Ultrashort Pulses through the Propagation of Periodic Wave through Dispersion Decreasing Photonic Crystal fibers (PCF)”

30) Eduard Grigorescu- Evaluation of Priority Scheduling and Flow Starvation of Thin-streams with FQ-CoDel‚Äč

31) Julien Romieux- Cooperative Processing for WSN and its applications”