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A Pair O Nicky Tams by Morris, G.S.
A Tinker Woman's Lament by Robertson, Stanley
Aiberdeen by Smithfield Primary
Auld MacDonald Hid a Fairm by Blackhall, Sheena


Bandy's Roup by Wright, James
Bonnie John Seton by Traditional
Bothy Ballads and Cornkisters by Wheeler, Les


Cairn o Mount by Traditional
Caunle-Licht Sang by Blackhall, Sheena


Dancin Daft by Wheeler, Les
Drumdelgie by Traditional


Edom o Gordon by Traditional


Fareweel Tae Tarwathie by Traditional Ballad


Geordie by Traditional
Glenlogie or Jean o Bethelnie by Traditional
Golden Rules by Blackhall, Sheena
Guy Fawkes by Blackhall, Sheena


Hames by Blackhall, Sheena
Heid, Shooders, Neb an Moo by Blackhall, Sheena
Huntly Toon by Gordon Primary


In the Swingin Sixties by Hazlehead Primary
It's Lonely in the Bothy by Allan, Charlie


Johnnie O Braidiesley by Traditional


King Charles I by Blackhall, Sheena


Lang Ago by Ashley Road School
Lass Amang the Heather by Traditional


Macfarlan O The Sprots by Thomson, George Bruce
Marjory's Hoose (Family Project Sang) by Blackhall, Sheena


Nesty Bunny Fi-Fi by Blackhall, Sheena


O Gin I Were Far Gaudie Rins by Traditional
Ony Spare Change? by Robertson, Stanley
Oor Desert Island Hame by Danestone Primary School


Plooman Laddies by Traditional


Santa's comin doon the Lum by Blackhall, Sheena
Schule Langsyne by Blackhall, Sheena
Screivin Sangs Wi Littlins by Blackhall, Sheena
She'll Be Comin Intae Huntly On a Bus by Gordon Primary
Shoppies by Blackhall, Sheena
Sleepytoon by Morris, G.S.


The Auld Folks on the Wa by Allan, Charlie
The Barnyards o Delgaty by Traditional
The Baron O Brackley by Traditional
The Battle Of Harlaw by Traditional
The Blitz by Hazlehead Primary
The Blue Grey Coo by Allan, Charlie
The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie by Traditional
The Broon Coo by Traditional
The Butcher Boy by Traditional
The Dinosaur Sang by Blackhall, Sheena
The Energy Sang by Blackhall, Sheena
The Fiddle Music of North-East Scotland by Wheeler, Les
The Fiddlers and Composers by Wheeler, Les
The Fire Of Frendraught by Traditional
The Foreman at Drum by Traditional
The Hash o Bennygoak by Morris G.S.
The Hurlin Sang by Blackhall, Sheena
The Lost Tribe by Robertson, Stanley
The Muckin o Geordie's Byre by Traditional
The Pirlie Wirlie Sang by Blackhall, Sheena
The Rain Forest by Danestone Primary School
The Robin Sang by Blackhall, Sheena
The Seashore Sang by Clerkhill Primary
The Seasons' Sang by Kaimhill Primary
The Three Gulls by Blackhall, Sheena
Then an Noo by Blackhall, Sheena
This Auld Witch by Wheeler, Les
Three Craws by Traditional
Toys by Kaimhill Primary
Traditional Ballads in North East Scotland by Wheeler, Les
Tudors by Tipperty Primary School
Twa Pretty Boys by Traditional