The Pirlie Wirlie Sang

The Pirlie Wirlie Sang

Blackhall, Sheena

This is adapted frae a sang sung bi Stanley Robertson 'Zolay the Lizard'

Aince upon a time, there wis a wee puddock singing tae hissel on a steen. An this wis the sang he wis singin:

(The tune is the last two lines of Coulter's Candy)

Pirlie Wirlie Puddock is ma name
I like watter it's my hame.

Efter a while the .... (bairns will gie ye a beastie's name)... cam by an he sez tae the puddock.
'Oh fit a bonnie sang! I'm gaun tae takk it awa an sing it masel'.
An the ....( ) gaed up the hill an doon the hill, an up the hill an doon the hill...bit he lost the sang. Ach weel, he wad hae tae gyang back the road an look fur it. Sae he gaed up the hill etc etc....till he fand himsel back at the puddock on the steen.
'Weel sez the puddock, aren't you a gype. It's wisna your sang in the first place. You're nae a puddock, your a ...( )... an your hame's ( ).
Ye should sing (eg)

Pirlie Wirlie coo is ma name
I like a byre it's my hame.

The sang gaes on till the bairns rin ooto pech.