Marjory's Hoose (Family Project Sang)

Marjory's Hoose (Family Project Sang)

Blackhall, Sheena

Tune: Tooril ay ooril ay ooril ay eh

Fower fowk are bidin in Marjory's hoose
As weel as a kittlin a dug an a moose
The kittlin is gray an the moose it is broon
An they aa bide thegither in a great muckle toon.

Ma cooks in the kitchie she's bonnie an neat
She bosies the bairnie fin it gaes a greet
She spikks on the phone fur an oor or mair
An fin she stops claikin her tongue it is sair

Da dells in the gairden an fixes the licht
He watches the fitba on a Setterday nicht
He wauks the dug up tae the corner an then
He turns roon aboot an he wauks hame agin

Marjory plays wi the kittlin an dug
In front o the fire on an auld clootie rug
An naebody kens that the moosie is there
Fur he bides in a wee hoose that's under the stair.