Barbara Brown, Christy Thomas




Formative assessment strategies used during the learning process can support students when working on group assignments and mitigate challenges often associated with group work. In this two-year design-based research study, we explored formative assessment strategies used during group work in one multi-sectioned course in an undergraduate program for pre-service teachers. Surveys were conducted during the term with students and instructors to find out what types of formative assessment strategies were being used by instructors to support group work. Interviews were also conducted at the end of the term to gain deeper insights about the features of formative assessment. Findings showed that instructors were using a range of formative assessment strategies to support group work that involved making provisions for ongoing and timely feedback, leveraging technology for communications and fostering collaborative learning. This study holds significance for researchers and instructors interested in utilizing formative assessment strategies to support students when working on group assignments.


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group work, formative assessment strategies, design-based research, collaborative learning


Published in Volume 28(2) Crossing Boundaries and Valuing Diversity,