Aberdeen Humming - Public Sound Installation

Aberdeen Humming - Public Sound Installation

This is a past event

Aberdeen Humming is a public sound installation that brings out the sense of place and of community through humming.

As a community project, Aberdeen Humming concerns collective memory through songs and uses humming as a mode of revealing such memories. Since this summer, Dr Suk-Jun Kim has collected hums from people in Aberdeen by asking them to hum a tune that would remind them of their childhood. The collected hums were used to ‘compose’ the final humming piece without any sound manipulation, except some fade-ins and outs as well as amplitude changes, which will be played back through eight speakers at a low volume. Aberdeen Humming invites you to come and listen to these hums. You might be able to recognise a few hums, and if you do, why don’t you hum along? Some of the hums were also gathered by Music and Communities students at the University of Aberdeen (Rebecca, Ben, Fiona, Laura, Tamara, Christine, and Yasmin)

More information: http://humming-project.org/

17 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR

Dr Suk-Jun Kim