PG Research Students' one day conference

PG Research Students' one day conference

This is a past event

The Grand Student Seminar is swiftly approaching, this seminar is supported by our research supervisors; Laura Colucci-Gray and Jaqueline Ravet and will be hosted by PhD research students.

It will be an all day event and will entail three 1.5hour sessions: 9:30-11 (break) 11:30-13:00 (lunch) 2-3:30.

 As research students we should view participating and attending this seminar as a critical and important part of any doctoral skills development.. The presentations are intended to allow students the space to reflect upon different aspects and stages of doing doctoral research and to develop our ideas through sharing them. It will also provide the platform for students to share aspects of their PhD/ EdD work as well. In this regard, students will receive feedback from others interested in their area of study, assisting them in considering areas they might not otherwise have addressed and of course serves as preparatory grounds for your upgrade/ VIVA and presentation of papers at academic conferences and so on.

Abstracts of about 200 words in length should be sent to Mishel Moriah; or to Prince Armah: on or before Monday 12th of August as this will give us enough time to fine-tune our plans with definite numbers in place.

We need not be too concerned about our current research progress or the fact that we might have just started; preambles of what our initial thoughts are also welcomed  regardless of what stage we might be at.

Each presentation should only be 15mins using Power Point presentation, after which there will be 5 minutes for questions,

Again, live video conferencing will be made available to accommodate those who are studying off campus and cannot be here physically that day. Those of you who are interested in this should let us know as soon as possible so we can make necessary arrangements.

The audience for this even would consist of research students in general, lecturers and supervisors, interested members of staff and  specially invited faculty personnel.

This is a really great opportunity and we look forward to receiving your abstracts.

MacRobert Building Rm 028

Mishel Moriah;

Prince Armah: