Digital Learning Projects

Digital Learning Projects

This is a past event

Digital learning projects at the Seminar für Ausbildung und Fortbildung der Lehrkräfte Tübingen (Gymnasium), Germany

Rainer will present research on the development of a digital learning platform for transferring a particular historical knowledge model to competence-oriented history teaching. The learning platform will make the fundamental openness of historical decision-making situations possible by means of several thematically structured learning modules, which are typically presented in conventional teaching media (especially textbooks) in the way as if there was something like a fixed authorial narration. Many of the materials used in school are so clearly designed for a specific goal that students have little room for their own interpretation.

And this is where the digital learning platform comes into play: it depicts the narrative competence as its guiding didactic concept, a concept which is in the core of all current historical didactic modelling of historical learning. The digital learning platform provides (new) task formats to help learners tackle historical learning more effectively.

Katya will examine the concept of Learning Analytics in theory and practice. In the theoretical part of her presentation central terms of the definition will be explained; these include small data, big data, educational data mining, adaptivity, feedback, probability. In the second, more practical part she will introduce two tools that she has tested in schools: the non-commercial feedbook, a digital workbook for learners of English as a second language, and the commercial membean, a vocabulary software for native speakers. The final reflection will address opportunities and muddy points.

Katja Krey and Rainer Lupschina
MR303 MacRobert Building