Race and Racism Group

Race and Racism Group

This is a past event

The Race & Racism Group (RRG) is a new group dedicated to the engagement with the full range of aspects associated with race and racism. The first meeting will be taking place at the end of this Black History Month (31 October 2018).

The aim of the RRG is to create the space for interdisciplinary and open dialogue about experiences of racism, types of racism, the history and current dynamics of racial domination, privilege and exclusion, anti-racist social action, colonialism/postcolonialism, and other pertinent issues. In doing so, we hope to collectively explore different ways to engage with race, racism and anti-racism both intellectually and socially.

Whatever your disciplinary background(s), level of knowledge, or position in the university (undergrad, postgrad, researcher, lecturer, professor, secretary, or anything else), you’re welcome! The group will be member-led, moving with the interests of those attending.

Edward Wright Annex G04

For more information contact peter.gardner@aberdeen.ac.uk