ChildhoodNature in the Anthropocene: the need for a renaturing of education

ChildhoodNature in the Anthropocene: the need for a renaturing of education

This is a past event

This seminar considers the need to examine childhoodnature experiences and the way in which these might be influential in shaping an agenda for education in the Anthropocene.

The term childhoodnature is derived from the Research Handbook on Childhoodnature and “reflects the editors’ and authors’ underpinning belief, and the latest innovative concepts in the field, that as children are nature this should be redefined in this integrating concept”.

Drawn on data collected over five years, this seminar describes a mixed methods approach used to examine beginning university students’ childhoodnature experiences and how those experiences may have influenced their sense of nature connectedness.

Data gathered indicates that there are statistically significant correlations between childhoodnature experiences and current sense of nature connectedness, although the qualitative data suggests that the form of those experiences may be of critical importance. Evidence from the study presented here suggests that exposure to childhoodnature, while necessary, is not sufficient in itself and further research is required into the nature and quality of childhoodnature experiences. 

Implications of childhoodnature experiences for enhancing resilience and nurturing healthy mental and physical well-being will also be considered.

Professor Donald Gray
MacRobert Building Room MR304