Dental Student Profiles

Dental Student Profiles

Alison IngramAlison Ingram
Graduated June 2012

Why did you choose to study dentistry at Aberdeen?

I come from the North East but have worked/studied out of the area for many years, so it was a fantastic opportunity to do the course I wanted close to home.

What are your plans after qualifying?

Well, I'm planning for my VT placement to be somewhere in rural Grampian and then possibly enter the NHS salaried service to consolidate my experience.

Is graduate application a good option?

Absolutely, having some life experience helps enormously when it comes to dealing with patients!! You also come into the course knowing what career you want, which is often not the case with the initial degree.

The down side, however, can be the financing of a second degree but the bursary does help take the sting out of it.

How much support for students is there at Aberdeen?

Lots, we have a new school with all mod cons, small interactive classes, great staff that are approachable and a good selection of books within the medical library, as well as the Queen Mother's library.

There is also the Regent system, where we have a dentist, independent of the school, allocated for support, advice or just to chat to.

Have you any top tips for studying Dentistry?

The first year is tough, so studying as you go along is a must. But maintaining a social life is vital too ... and the Dental Society will help with that, there's always a night out or event on the horizon.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

Hands-on experience, we're the only Dental School in the UK that starts treating patients from the end of Year 1. We have a novel curriculum that has been developed to integrate all aspects of dental and physical care with the patient at the core.

Karen Urquhart - Dental StudentKaren Urquhart
Graduated June 2012

Why did you choose to study dentistry at Aberdeen?

I chose Aberdeen Dental School to study Dentistry because I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I knew a few of the lecturer’s for the dental curriculum and that made me feel confident that I’d be in good hands. Personally I had many good friends in the city and family not too far away so that also played a part in my decision.

Did you enjoy your time at Aberdeen Dental School?

My four years at Aberdeen Dental School are some of the best of my life so far. I honestly enjoyed every second of it and was very sad to leave it all behind. My class were an amazing bunch of people and I’ve made friends for life. The staff were very helpful, full of enthusiasm, treated you as an adult and also enjoyed a good laugh when appropriate!

What were your highlights?

The highlight for me was definitely meeting some of my best friends. I still miss my class and all the banter we shared on a daily basis. I have amazing memories. The Dental Balls were always a favourite – and end of exam parties! And obviously graduation day!

Did the teaching you receive at ADS prepare you well for practice/VT?

I found that my training at Aberdeen was an excellent starting block for general practice. Having started seeing patients in first year you have plenty of time to develop good interpersonal skills and also gives you an opportunity to experience a wide variety of treatment modalities so that nothing was essentially ‘new’ in VT.

What is the best thing about being a qualified dentist?

The best thing about being qualified for me is personal development - treatment planning, patient rapport, clinical skills etc. you notice how much you’ve come on from your University days and how much quicker you are and basically how you just think like a dentist without any effort. It’s very satisfying building relationships with patients. Also having a few more pennies is very handy!