Current Postgraduate Students

Current Postgraduate Students
  • Badri Risheh Project title "Salivary Biomarkers and Oral Cancer Risk Factors".  Click here to find out more about Badri.
  • Nadisha Piyarathne Project title "Modulators of T Cell Function in Cancer Immunotherapy"  Click here to find out more about Nadisha. 
  • Sreedevi Unnikrishnan Project title "Clinical and molecular correlates of response to first line treatment in oral lichen planus".
  • Nonye Nwigene Project title "Clonal distribution of AMR genes in E. coli isolated from urinary tract and blood infections"
  • Jane Smith Project title "Evaluating fairness in assessment in Scottish Dental Schools"
  • Shaymaa Mohammed Project title "The applications of smart phone acquired intraoral images in patient care and dental education"
  • Ruaridh Dall Project title Serious Gaming in Dental Education"
  • Sara Sharaf Project title "Mechanisms of pathogenicity of periodontal bacteria in patients presenting with acute myocardial infarction"
  • Riham Ibrahim Project title "Assessment in Dental Education"